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49ers vs. Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV Prediction

49ers vs chiefs

49ers Versus Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Prediction

We are one day and a wake-up away from the biggest spectacle in sports-entertainment history known as the Super Bowl. It will be the 54th edition of the game being played. The featured teams are the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Two dynamic play-callers coach both sides in Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid. Coach Reid is back in the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2004 season when he was a part of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The plan of attack for the Kansas City Chiefs will be to shut down the 49er’s rushing attack and force quarterback Jimmy Garropolo to beat them through the air. The last time a team forced Jimmy Garropolo to defeat them through the air, it was against the New Orleans Saints. In that matchup, Jimmy G contributed to San Fransisco dropping 48 points on a Saints team playing in the always hostile Mercedes Benz Superdome.

The Chiefs defense is ranked 8th in the league against the pass. Garropolo will have his moments in tomorrow’s game, but it will not come easy against Kansas City’s elite secondary. However, Super Bowl LIV will be won up front in the trenches.

If the Chiefs o-line fail to protect Patrick Mahomes in this matchup, the 49ers will be leaving Hard Rock Stadium with their sixth Super Bowl title. San Francisco’s defensive line has the personnel to get the job done against their quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

When it comes to the Chiefs opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, they must continue to do what they have done to make them successful in 2019. They must run the football successfully with their trio of running backs and expose any vulnerabilities that may become noticeable in the Kansas City secondary. San Francisco has one of the complete teams that we have seen compete in the Super Bowl in a long time.

They are not just proficient in running the football and playing stout defense. The 49ers also have a pair of wide receivers that can come up with huge plays at a moment’s notice. The Chiefs will also have to deal with the possibility of rookie wide receiver Debo Samuel coming out of the backfield, causing disruption.

With that being said, Strike 7 Sports predicts that Kansas City Chiefs will be leaving Miami with their first Super Bowl title in almost 50 years of existence. The Chiefs have the better quarterback out of the two football teams competing in tomorrow’s big game. Patrick Mahome’s skillset, combined with his will to win, is unmatched. This is your 49ers versus Chiefs Super Bowl LIV prediction and preview.

49ers 27

Chiefs 35

Super Bowl LIV MVP: Patrick Mahomes

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