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Turning Points: Will Alontae Taylor’s Inclusion Shift the Defensive Tide for the Saints?

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Each move is carefully planned and executed in the grand chessboard of football. Players transition into roles where coaches envision the maximum impact. Such is the story of Alontae Taylor, the former Tennessee Vol, who is now set to redefine his NFL journey with the New Orleans Saints.

The beginning of Taylor’s journey with the Saints is nothing short of a cinematic plot. Slotted into the starting lineup in his rookie season 2022, Taylor found himself in the throes of NFL action earlier than expected. The reason? Marshon Lattimore, the team’s Pro Bowl cornerback, faced a painful abdominal injury against the Seahawks, leaving a void in the Saints’ defense. But as the saying goes, “One’s misfortune is another’s opportunity.” This opportunity wasn’t just to fill a spot but to shine for Taylor. Shine, he did.

Taylor’s rookie year was punctuated with moments that became significant turning points for the Saints. Pro Football Focus, one of the leading analysts of the sport, didn’t overlook his efforts. Taylor was ranked as the fourth-best cornerback last year based on the passer rating allowed. His exceptional prowess was evident during the week 15 faceoff against the Falcons. By recording three pass breakups and achieving an impressive 86.7 coverage grade, Taylor showcased that he wasn’t just a fill-in but a rising star. His most notable performance from last season came against the Las Vegas Raiders when he matched up against All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams. Adams finished the day with only one catch for three yards and no touchdowns. According to Pro Football Focus, Taylor played 44 coverage snaps against Las Vegas, and he was targeted ten times while in action but only surrendered four catches as the nearest defender.

The arc of Taylor’s story took another twist ahead of the 2023 season. Observations from the Saints’ coaching staff, combined with team dynamics, prompted a change in position. While many had speculated Taylor might engage in a heated training camp tussle with third-year corner Paulson Adebo for the outside cornerback slot, the script was flipped. In an unexpected pivot, the Saints released veteran slot corner Bradley Roby, formerly of the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. This release was part of a series of surprises as the Saints hustled to meet the NFL’s mandatory 53-man roster depth chart.

But what does the release of Roby signal for Taylor? It positions him to embrace the role of the slot corner. To the uninitiated, the part of a slot corner in the NFL is distinct from that of an outside cornerback. They typically face off against slot receivers, who are generally more agile and shifty. This position demands sharp reflexes, adaptability, and a unique skill set to handle receivers with more room to maneuver. The challenge for Taylor lies in adapting to this new role and excelling in a position he hasn’t traditionally been familiar with.

Taylor has never shied away from expressing his inclination toward the role of an outside corner. But what marks a true sportsperson is their ability to step out of their comfort zone, learn, adapt, and perform. Taylor’s commitment shines through as he expresses his willingness to evolve into a formidable defender from the slot. It’s a transition journey from mastering the breadth of the field as an outside corner to the intricacies of the slot.

The Saints’ head coach, Dennis Allen, has often been regarded as a visionary. His faith in Taylor’s capabilities, even in a role that’s foreign to him, speaks volumes. While it might take Taylor time to find his rhythm as a slot corner, Allen believes that by season’s end, Taylor will have imbibed all that’s required of his new role.

Predictably, this shift has been met with mixed feelings among the Saints’ ardent fanbase. A change of position, especially for a player who showed promising sparks in his debut year, can be a tough pill to swallow for many. However, history has shown that Dennis Allen’s ability to groom and develop defensive backs shouldn’t be underestimated. Placing trust in his strategic foresight might be the leap of faith needed.

In the dynamic realm of football, change is the only constant. This change could be the defining chapter of the football saga for Taylor. As the Saints gear up for the season, all eyes will be on Taylor, watching his every move from the slot. The gridiron awaits, and so does another potential turning point in the Saints’ defensive playbook.

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