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Assessing the Current State of the Memphis Tigers Basketball Program

Photo courtesy of the University of Memphis.

Video Transcript

In today’s vlog, we will discuss the current state of the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball program and analyze the outlook for the upcoming season. While there have been some setbacks and uncertainties, the program still shows promise and potential. We will examine the roster, identify areas of need, and explore potential solutions to address those needs. Additionally, we will evaluate the coaching staff and consider the team’s prospects at the conference.

Roster Analysis and Areas of Need

The current roster of the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team is solid overall, although there are some specific areas of need. The team lacks a dominant big man, rim protector, and reliable point guard. While the point guard position may already be filled, other positions still require attention.

Recent events, such as the arrest of Mikey Williams for an incident in his hometown and Malcolm Dandridge’s decision to enter the transfer portal, have created uncertainties. Williams’ situation and pending trial have raised doubts about his availability for the team. Dandridge’s potential departure further accentuates the need to find suitable replacements.

Possible Solutions and Players of Interest

To address the team’s needs, the Memphis Tigers can explore options in the transfer portal or recruit new players. One potential solution is Jordan Brown, a 6’11” power forward who previously played for Louisiana. Brown’s versatility and impressive stats make him an attractive prospect for the team. While there is no current information on whether Brown will join Memphis, he is a two-time transfer and a graduate, eliminating the need for a waiver.

Another possibility is the return of Malcolm Dandridge, who is still considering his options. If Dandridge chooses to come back, it will boost the team’s size and defense. Additionally, the eligibility situation of DeAndre Williams, who might have another year of eligibility due to a previous college transfer, remains uncertain.

Despite the uncertainties, there is reason to believe the program can move in the right direction. The turnover and departures of several players should not be seen as a regression but rather a transition period. While some players like Alex Lomax, Kendrick Davis, and Elijah McCadden can no longer play for the program due to being no longer eligible, the team has talented individuals who can step up and fill their roles.

Coaching Staff and Prospects in the Conference

The Memphis Tigers boast a strong coaching staff led by Penny Hardaway, who has proven his recruiting abilities. Rick Stansbury, Faragi Phillips, and Andy Borman contribute their expertise to the team. However, it should be noted that Larry Brown recently departed from his role with the team.

Regarding competition within the conference, the new-look AAC features teams like FAU, Tulane, and others. While FAU, with its veteran personnel and Final Four appearance, FAU could pose a threat, Memphis should remain the favorite to win the conference. Other teams, including East Carolina and the new programs, are unlikely to challenge the Tigers significantly.


Despite the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball program, there is reason to be optimistic. The team still has time to address its areas of need and secure potential transfers or recruits. Even if certain players, like Williams, do not join the program, the team can rely on existing talent and promising newcomers. With a capable coaching staff and a favorable conference landscape, the Tigers have a solid chance to compete for the conference title. While success is not guaranteed, the program is on the right track for the upcoming season.

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1 Comment

  1. Dick Johnson

    June 19, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    FAU will probably be conference favorite.

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