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Big 12 Conference Officials Visit Memphis: Is a Move to the P5 on the Horizon?

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Strike 7 Sports chimes in on the report that Big 12 Conference were on ground to conduct a site visit of the University of Memphis and the surrounding areas. The vlog expans on the latest report and how Memphis could significantly improve their standing as a legitimate player in the college athletics landscape.

Video Transcript

In a recent development, Big 12 conference officials paid a visit to the University of Memphis in what appears to be a due diligence site visit. This visit has sparked speculation about the possibility of Memphis joining the Power Five (P5) conference. Let’s delve into the details and explore the potential implications of such a move.

The Significance of the Visit: According to reports, Big 12 officials, including their commisioner Brett Yormak, visited Memphis to assess the facilities and engage in discussions with university and city officials. While the details of the meetings have not been disclosed, the fact that the Big 12 made this visit is noteworthy. It marks the first time the conference has shown direct interest in Memphis, hinting at the possibility of a significant shift for the university.

Benefits for Memphis Athletics: Memphis’ potential move to the Big 12 could have far-reaching benefits for its sports programs, particularly football and basketball. Joining the Big 12 would provide increased exposure, funding, and opportunities for recruiting top-tier athletes. In basketball, exciting rivalries with prominent teams like Kansas, Baylor, and Kansas State could be formed, bolstering the team’s competitiveness. Similarly, in football, matchups against teams like Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas Tech would offer heightened competition and greater national recognition.

The Financial Impact: Being a part of the Big 12 would provide Memphis with access to substantial financial resources. The conference’s established brand and larger fan base translate into increased revenue potential. This financial boost would enable Memphis to enhance its facilities, attract top coaching talent, and invest in various aspects of its athletics programs. Ultimately, it could elevate the university’s reputation and standing in college sports.

Recruiting Advantages: Joining a P5 conference like the Big 12 would open doors for Memphis in terms of recruiting. Geographically positioned near talent-rich states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, Memphis could leverage its proximity to secure commitments from high-caliber athletes. Additionally, the allure of competing in a P5 conference would make Memphis a more enticing destination for recruits, potentially enabling the football program to emulate the success of programs like Clemson, which effectively recruits across multiple states.

Implications for Memphis and the City: A move to the Big 12 would have a significant impact beyond the realm of college sports. The city of Memphis would experience a surge in excitement and enthusiasm, akin to the 2019 season when College GameDay visited and the Tigers won the conference title. Increased attention and support for the university’s athletic programs would foster a stronger sense of community pride. Moreover, the economic benefits of hosting high-profile games and attracting fans from opposing teams would inject vitality into the local economy.

Remaining Factors and Outlook: While the Big 12’s interest in expansion has been the subject of speculation, the specific details of their plans remain uncertain. Several factors will likely influence their decisions, including a focus on expanding westward and the desire to include basketball schools with substantial brands. Memphis will need to position itself strategically and make a strong case for its inclusion. However, it is essential for the university to remain realistic and keep expectations in check, as the college sports landscape is ever-evolving.

Conclusion: The recent visit by Big 12 conference officials to the University of Memphis has sparked hope and excitement among fans and supporters. The potential move to a P5 conference like the Big 12 would bring tremendous benefits for Memphis athletics, including increased funding, enhanced competition, and improved recruiting opportunities. While the outcome remains uncertain, Memphis must continue to invest in its programs and make a compelling case for inclusion. Regardless of the ultimate decision, the city and university should strive to position themselves as attractive destinations for future conference realignments.

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