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Analyzing the Impact: Cardinals’ decision to release DeAndre Hopkins and speculating his next team

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In a surprising turn of events, the Arizona Cardinals have released Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, signaling a major shift for the team. This decision comes after Hopkins spent three seasons with the organization, leaving the Cardinals without their star wide receiver. Trade rumors had been circulating for a while, even before the NFL Draft, but the general manager had previously reassured fans that Hopkins would remain a Cardinal. As Hopkins hits the market, several teams are expected to show interest in signing the talented wide receiver.

Financial Impact and Dead Cap Hit:

By releasing Hopkins, the Cardinals are able to save approximately $8.15 million in salary cap space. However, the move comes at a cost, as they will incur a dead cap hit of $22.6 million, representing Hopkins’ salary through the 2024 season. While the savings are significant, the dead money will impact the team’s financial flexibility.

Unfulfilled Expectations with the Cardinals:

Despite Hopkins’ impressive individual performance during his time with the Cardinals, the team’s overall success and progress fell short of expectations. Hopes were high when Hopkins was traded from the Houston Texans to the Cardinals, but the team never reached its full potential. Although they made one playoff appearance, the Cardinals failed to establish themselves as a formidable NFC contender. The disappointing outcome raises questions about the team’s ability to leverage Hopkins’ talent effectively.

Potential Suitors for DeAndre Hopkins:

With Hopkins now a free agent, several teams are expected to express interest in signing him. Buffalo, New England, Baltimore, Kansas City, and New Orleans are potential destinations for the Pro Bowl wide receiver. With their emerging roster and strong offensive unit, Buffalo Bills could greatly benefit from adding Hopkins to their ranks. The New England Patriots, known for their elite defense, may seek to bolster their offense by signing Hopkins.

The Baltimore Ravens, with their dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson, could provide Hopkins with an opportunity to contend for a championship. Similarly, the Kansas City Chiefs, known for their offensive firepower, might view Hopkins as the missing piece to elevate their team. Finally, despite having established receivers, the New Orleans Saints may see the value of adding Hopkins to enhance their offensive capabilities.

Factors Influencing Hopkins’ Decision:

While various teams will vie for Hopkins’ signature, several factors will influence his decision. Financial considerations will undoubtedly play a significant role, as this could be his last major contract before entering the later stages of his career. However, Hopkins is also likely to prioritize joining a team with Super Bowl aspirations. The potential to compete for a championship and the opportunity to make an impact on a contender are crucial factors that Hopkins will consider when choosing his next team.


DeAndre Hopkins’ release by the Arizona Cardinals has sent shockwaves throughout the NFL. While the move provides the Cardinals with much-needed salary cap relief, it also signifies a missed opportunity for the team to capitalize on Hopkins’ talent fully. As Hopkins explores his options in free agency, teams like Buffalo, New England, Baltimore, Kansas City, and New Orleans are expected to push to sign him. Ultimately, Hopkins’ decision will likely be influenced by financial considerations and the chance to join a team with genuine championship aspirations. NFL fans eagerly await the outcome, as the addition of Hopkins could significantly impact the league’s landscape.

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