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Chris Paul is the ultimate winner and competitor

chris paul is the ultimate winner

Usually, when we think of winners in the NBA, the players, coaches, or executives have had to win at least one championship. The problem with that logic is that many things have to go right for you to win a championship. The perfect example of a player that proves that logic is not true whether someone is a winner is Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is the starting point guard for the Phoenix Suns, who recently just made it to the NBA Finals, and he is trying to help the Suns win their first NBA championship. He is a huge reason they went from a losing season last year to a winning season this year. This is not even the first franchise he has helped change the culture. Paul did it with the Hornets, the Rockets, the Thunder, and now the Suns.

The head coach of the Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams, who has had to overcome some of his own adversity, explained what Chris Paul means to him.

“Chris has meant so much to my career, to my life. I’ve shared it with a few people, but the darkest moment of my life, Chris, was right there. And one of the highlights of my career, he’s right there. So I’m just grateful to God for him,” said Williams.

Chris Paul has had some bad playoff luck in his career. He had a hamstring injury in the 2018 Western Conference finals when he played for the Houston Rockets. He had another hamstring injury with the LA Clippers in 2015; also, he had a hand fracture in 2016 with Clippers. This year he had a shoulder injury and missed 2 games because of the NBA’s health and safety protocols for Covid-19. He overcame both of those, and ironically the teams the Suns have beaten have had a key player miss games, too.

If Chris Paul can help lead the Suns to an NBA Finals win, his legacy will be cemented. However, even if he falls short, he still will be a winner because of the impact he has had on several franchises.

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