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Early Projected Starting 5 Lineup for Memphis Tigers Basketball

Video Transcript

Hello readers! This is Derrick Branch from As we approach the fall, I thought it was the right time to talk basketball. Yes, we are still a couple of months away, but why not project an early starting five lineup for the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball program? Especially when there are a couple of scenarios at play.

Scenario One: With DeAndre Williams

Should DeAndre Williams return, given another year of eligibility, the starting five could look like:

1. Jahvon Quinerly – Point Guard

2. Caleb Mills – Shooting Guard

3. David Jones – Small Forward

4. DeAndre Williams – Power Forward

5. Jordan Brown – Center

Many basketball pundits and analysts speculate that with Williams in the lineup, the Tigers might just have a top 15 or even a top 20 program. This perspective considers NCAA’s past decisions regarding player eligibility.

This lineup would offer multiple reliable scoring options. With Jones, Williams, and Brown, the Tigers could have up to four players who can consistently score. Brown has previously showcased his ability to be a dominant presence in the paint. As for Williams, his inclusion in the team could elevate the Tigers to one of the top slots. His potential return is much anticipated and could cement the Tigers’ position as a basketball powerhouse.

Scenario Two: Without DeAndre Williams

Should Williams not return, the alternate starting five could look like this:

1. Jahvon Quinerly – Point Guard

2. Caleb Mills – Shooting Guard

3. David Jones – Small Forward

4. Jordan Brown – Power Forward

5. Malcolm Dandridge – Center

Scenario Three: Not Discussed in Video

1. Jahvon Quinerly-Point Guard

2. Caleb Mills- Shooting Guard

3. Jaykwon Walton- Small Forward

4. DeAndre Williams- Power Forward

5. Jordan Brown- Center

There’s flexibility even within this lineup. Nicholas Jordain could be considered for the four spot, given his rebounding prowess. Jaykwon Walton could potentially fill the small forward position, depending on how smoothly Jones’ credits transfer situation goes.

The mainstays in both scenarios would likely be Quinerly and Mills. Their presence on the court seems almost definite, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

This roster under Coach Penny Hardaway is dynamic and offers a multitude of possibilities. Memphis has not had such an array of talent and versatility in a while. With or without Williams, the Tigers are positioned well for the upcoming season.

The season’s commencement will be about the lineup and how the Tigers fare against non-conference teams. More details about the same will be available soon on

To conclude, with DeAndre Williams, Memphis could be a legitimate contender in college basketball this season. Even without him, they have a strong foundation. How the NCAA’s decision unfolds regarding Williams’ eligibility remains to be seen. His potential return could very well see him as a Player of the Year contender, being one of the best power forwards in the game.

Share your thoughts on the projected starting five in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out for more content on NFL, NBA, Memphis Tigers football and basketball, and Memphis Grizzlies.

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!

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