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FAU vs. Memphis: Is a Potential Rivalry Brewing?

Video Transcript

In a recent YouTube video, Derrick Branch from Strike 7 Sports delved into the upcoming 2023-2024 Memphis Tigers basketball team season. Specifically, he focused on their highly anticipated rematch with the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Owls, who recently joined the American Athletic Conference. Branch pondered whether FAU could become Memphis’s new rival, considering the history with other teams in the conference. This article examines the potential rivalry and explores the teams’ prospects for the upcoming season.

The Rise of FAU: Branch acknowledged the remarkable achievements of the Florida Atlantic Owls during the previous season. FAU dominated Conference USA, clinching the regular-season title and tournament championship, securing their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance. Their 20-game winning streak led them to the Sweet 16, where they displayed impressive performances against Fairleigh Dickinson and Kansas State. Though falling short at the Final Four, FAU left a lasting impression.

FAU’s Credentials: Branch highlighted FAU’s accomplishments and the strength of its roster. The Owls, led by standout players Alijah Martin and Johnell Davis, showcased excellent defense and cohesive teamwork throughout their NCAA tournament run. Their success has generated considerable buzz on social media, with fans engaging in spirited banter between FAU and Memphis supporters. However, Branch questioned whether FAU’s achievements were a one-time occurrence or if they could sustain their success in the long term.

A Potential Rivalry: Considering the growing tension on social media, Branch explored the possibility of FAU becoming Memphis’s new rival. While some believe FAU could be the team to beat in the new layout of the American Athletic Conference, Branch expressed skepticism. He speculated that a rivalry might develop if FAU’s coach Dusty May remains with the program. However, Branch believes the tables could turn, with Memphis playing the role of Houston, while FAU aspires to emulate Memphis’s success.

Memphis’s Transition: Branch noted that Memphis faced significant changes for the upcoming season. With most of their roster departing, the team will feature new faces, including Jahvon Quinerly, Caleb Mills, David Jones, and potentially DeAndre Williams. Williams’s return would bolster the team’s performance, especially after what occurred against FAU in the previous matchup. However, Memphis’s overall success will depend on Penny Hardaway’s coaching and the team’s ability to adapt to the new dynamics.

The Rematch: Branch highlighted the anticipation surrounding the rematch between Memphis and FAU. Social media has been abuzz with fans eagerly awaiting the showdown, with many considering FAU as the conference favorites based on their previous season’s accomplishments. However, Branch emphasized the unpredictability of college basketball, particularly with the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals, which may affect players’ focus. He pointed out that teams like FAU could capitalize on their opponents’ lack of focus and replicate their success.

Conclusion: While the rivalry between Memphis and FAU is yet to solidify, Derrick Branch’s analysis raises intriguing possibilities for the upcoming season. The rematch between these two teams will be a crucial indicator of whether FAU can sustain its success and whether Memphis can rise to the challenge with a revamped roster. As fans eagerly anticipate the clash, the future of this potential rivalry remains uncertain. However, both teams will undoubtedly bring their competitive spirits to the court, making for an exciting basketball season.

Note: The article has been paraphrased and edited for clarity and readability purposes.

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