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Five Burning Questions for the New Orleans Saints Ahead of the 2023 Season

In the wake of Sean Payton’s departure and Drew Brees’ retirement, the New Orleans Saints embarked on their second year of change. The significance of a successful 2023 campaign cannot be overstated, as the team strives to reclaim its position on the winning side of the spectrum. Under the guidance of head coach Dennis Allen, the Saints stumbled, failing to secure a playoff berth for the second consecutive season. Now, as they aim to recapture the glory of their 2017-2020 contending years in the NFC, a series of pivotal questions loom. Addressing these burning inquiries will be essential for the Saints to regain their foothold among the league’s elite. So, let’s delve into the five pressing questions that demand answers as New Orleans navigates the challenges that lie ahead.

Can the Saints Remain Healthy for a Significant Portion of the Season?

A critical factor that has impeded the New Orleans Saints playoff aspirations in recent years has been the unfortunate barrage of injuries to key players. Over the past two seasons, these injuries have significantly hampered the team’s ability to mount a formidable campaign. As they enter a relatively weakened NFC South division, it becomes abundantly clear that preserving the team’s overall health is an utmost priority. To rise above their challenges and make a triumphant return to the postseason, the Saints must find a way to keep their core personnel fit and firing on all cylinders throughout the entirety of the upcoming season.

Will the Saints Be Able to Cutdown on the Costly Mistakes?

Under the tenure of head coach Dennis Allen, the New Orleans Saints have regrettably strayed from their once-prized reputation as one of the league’s most disciplined teams, and the past season showcased a disheartening trend of costly errors that marred their performances and left them grappling with unfavorable situations. Despite boasting a roster brimming with seasoned veterans, the Saints made inexplicable blunders that had no place at their level of play.

The journey back to contention hinges on physical prowess and rectifying this unsettling propensity for self-inflicted setbacks. Can the Saints regain their composure, shoring up their focus and decision-making to ensure that costly mistakes are no longer a stumbling block on their path to resurgence? This question looms large as they approach the upcoming season.

Will Michael Thomas Become a Game-Changer for the Saints Offense Once Again?

The conspicuous absence of wide receiver Michael Thomas from the New Orleans Saints offensive lineup has been palpable since the 2020 season. A dynamic force on the field and the former recipient of the 2019 NFL Offensive Player of the Year award, Thomas has encountered a string of unfortunate injuries that sidelined him for substantial stretches. As the team approaches the 2023 season, there’s a glimmer of hope as Thomas appears to have regained his full strength.

While an exact replication of his 2019 form might not be an immediate necessity, the potential return of a player capable of inducing stress upon opposing defenses could yield substantial dividends for the Saints’ offensive prowess. Whether Michael Thomas can reclaim his mantle as a game-changing asset to the Saints’ offensive arsenal is undoubtedly one that could play a pivotal role in the team’s resurgence.

Who Will Line Up Opposite of Cameron Jordan and Become a Reliable Contributor?

For over a decade, defensive end Cameron Jordan has stood as an unwavering pillar within the New Orleans Saints’ defensive lineup. Holding the distinction of being the franchise’s all-time sack leader, Jordan’s enduring presence on the field has been an integral factor in the team’s defensive efforts. However, the pivotal question lingered for some time: identifying a worthy counterpart who can reliably line up opposite him. With players like Marcus Davenport now plying their trade elsewhere and Payton Turner displaying glimpses of potential in limited opportunities, the search for a consistent and impactful second-in-command has persisted.

The spotlight now turns to Carl Granderson, who has ascended the ranks and earned the starting position at right defensive end, positioning him directly opposite the future Hall of Famer, Jordan, in the upcoming 2023 season. As the official depth chart dictates, Granderson’s emergence as a dominant force could be a decisive factor in shaping the trajectory of the New Orleans defense. Anticipating a productive campaign, perhaps marked by a notable seven to nine-sack performance, Granderson’s potential contributions loom large in fortifying the team’s defensive prowess.

Will Derek Carr Thrive in New Surroundings?

The ongoing narrative surrounding Derek Carr centers on the notion that the Las Vegas Raiders failed to construct a competitive team around him during his tenure. However, with a change of scenery to New Orleans, Carr finds himself amid an organization renowned for its stability and a consistent history of assembling well-rounded rosters. The pivotal question now stands: can Carr harness the potential of his skill set and rise to new heights with the Saints?

The success of this transition carries substantial weight, as his productivity will wield considerable influence over the trajectory of the team’s fortunes in the competitive landscape of the 2023 conference. With Carr at the helm, the Saints could either emerge as a formidable force or falter in their pursuit of conference supremacy. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be trained on Carr’s performance as he strives to prove that his capabilities can flourish in a more conducive environment, potentially propelling the Saints to new heights within the conference.

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