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Former Saints QB: Michael Thomas should attend OTAs

Are the Saints capable of another deep run?
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Voluntary OTAs are underway for the New Orleans Saints. However, someone will raise the alarm when certain veteran players do not show up for activities. This time the player that raises those concerns is star wide-out, Michael Thomas. Some analysts in the media ignore entirely why particular players are not involved in voluntary minicamp activities.

In contrast, others view the approach as a sign of being one of the team’s leaders. In a recent segment of WWL Radio’s Sports Talk, the “Cajun Cannon” Bobby Hebert and his co-host Mike Detillier presented their takes on what transpired in the current voluntary OTAs for New Orleans.

Hebert shifted his argument towards Thomas during the discussion of wide receiver Rasheed Shaheed’s growth as an impact player on this year’s team. Click on the video below to listen to the entire segment of what Hebert had to say about Thomas not being present for voluntary OTAs. Outside of discussing Thomas’s absence, some valid points were made about what the Saints accomplished during their recent session.

Video Transcript

In the latest Saints’ OTA session, several players made notable plays, catching the attention of both fans and analysts. Rasheed Shaheed and Bryan Edwards showcased their skills, while the absence of Michael Thomas sparked discussions about his commitment to the team. Additionally, the emergence of Alontae Taylor and the leadership qualities of Cam Jordan brought optimism to the Saints’ future. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from the OTA practice.

Explosive Plays by Shaheed and Edwards: Rasheed Shaheed demonstrated his speed and explosiveness, making impressive downfield plays. Despite his background as a return specialist, he showcased his abilities as a receiver, leaving a positive impression. On the other hand, Bryan Edwards, a relatively low-cost acquisition, displayed his knack for getting open and using his size advantage effectively. These two wideouts added excitement to the Saints’ offense, hinting at a potential impact in the upcoming season.

Michael Thomas’ Absence and Leadership Concerns: Michael Thomas, who has caused the team financial burdens due to injuries in recent years, was absent from the OTA session. This absence led to questions regarding his dedication to the team moving forward. Some believe Thomas should prioritize being present during rehabilitation and actively supporting the young receivers. Given the investment made in him, fans hope to see Thomas exhibit more team-oriented behavior and demonstrate his leadership qualities.

The Maturation of Rasheed Shaheed: Rasheed Shaheed’s growth as a receiver was evident during the OTA session. Although he may not become a dominant force due to his smaller stature, he showcased the potential to be a valuable second or third option in the Saints’ receiving corps. His progress poses a healthy competition for Chris Olave and emphasizes the importance of Michael Thomas’ return to form.

Alontae Taylor’s Promising Performance: Cornerback Alontae Taylor, a second-round pick, caught the attention of observers with his standout performance. Despite being relatively new to the NFL, Taylor displayed the poise and intelligence of a seasoned player. He exhibited the ability to shake off a bad play and remain focused, a crucial trait for a defensive back. Taylor’s emergence as a leader on the team bodes well for the Saints’ secondary unit.

The Leadership of Cam Jordan: Cam Jordan’s consistent presence and dedication to the team set an exemplary standard. Jordan’s love for football and commitment to being part of the team, both on and off the field, make him a role model for younger players. His unwavering enthusiasm and work ethic have earned him respect, making him an invaluable asset to the Saints. Jordan’s influence and attitude have a positive impact on the team’s culture and overall success.

Looking Ahead: As the Saints progress through the offseason and prepare for the upcoming season, the performances of players like Shaheed, Edwards, Taylor, and Jordan provide reasons for optimism. The team’s success will depend not only on individual talent but also on the collective effort and commitment to the team’s goals. Fans eagerly anticipate the return of Michael Thomas and hope to see him embrace a more team-oriented approach moving forward.

Conclusion: The OTA session highlighted the impressive performances of Rasheed Shaheed and Bryan Edwards, raising expectations for their impact in the upcoming season. Concerns were also raised regarding Michael Thomas’ absence and his role as a leader on the team. Meanwhile, Alontae Taylor’s emergence as a talented cornerback and Cam Jordan’s unwavering leadership bring optimism to the Saints’ future. As the offseason progresses, the Saints’ team dynamics and the players’ dedication will significantly shape the team’s path to success in the upcoming season.

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