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Memphis Tigers’ Prospects in the New AAC Landscape

Video Transcript

The six new teams are officially added to the American Athletic Conference. Those teams are Florida Atlantic, UAB, UTSA, Rice, and Charlotte. The three programs that have headed out to join the Big 12 Conference were Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF. In today’s vlog, Derrick Branch of Strike 7 Sports focuses on the Memphis Tigers’ position in the new American Athletic Conference (AAC) and assesses their chances of success in men’s basketball and football.

Men’s Basketball Outlook

When it comes to men’s basketball, the Branch believes that Memphis should have no issues dominating the conference. With a talented roster and strong recruiting efforts led by head coach Penny Hardaway, the Tigers are poised to excel in the conference. While teams like FAU had an impressive run in Conference USA last year, Memphis is expected to be even better and should have no trouble overcoming them. The author predicts that Memphis will repeat as AAC champions, citing its history of success and its stronger brand.

Football Outlook

Regarding football, Branch is cautious about Memphis consistently dominating the AAC. While they are not expected to be a mediocre team, it remains to be seen if they can replicate the success of their basketball program. Branch points out that several clubs in the conference, such as UTSA, Tulane, and East Carolina, have solid coaching and competitive programs. However, Branch believes the Tigers have a legitimate shot at reaching the conference championship game and improving their chances of securing a spot in the newly expanded 12-team playoff format. He also acknowledges that specific coaches in the conference could pose challenges for Memphis.

Long-Term Prospects

The author suggests that the future could hold even more opportunities for Memphis. While the Big 12 expansion might not happen soon, the author believes that Memphis has a relatively small chance of being included. Nevertheless, the author emphasizes that the ultimate goal should be making it to the playoffs rather than simply joining a Power Five conference. Memphis can make a significant impact on the national stage by consistently winning the conference title, upgrading its stadium, and aiming for the playoffs.

In conclusion, the author is optimistic about Memphis’ prospects in the new AAC landscape. With a dominant men’s basketball program and a football team with a legitimate shot at the conference championship, Memphis has the potential to establish itself as a powerhouse. While the path to joining a Power Five conference might be uncertain, the author emphasizes that the focus should be on achieving playoff success and elevating Memphis’ national profile.

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