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NFL Week 7 Power Rankings: Lions Roar to 5-1 Record

Paul Sancya | Credit: AP

Week 6 delivered its fair share of surprises, starting with our top-ranked team, the San Francisco 49ers, suffering their first defeat of the season at the hands of the Cleveland Browns, who prevailed in a nail-biting 19-17 battle. This unexpected loss marked the end of the Niners’ impressive 15-game regular season winning streak, dating all the way back to 2022. But they weren’t alone in their struggles. The Philadelphia Eagles, holding the second spot in our weekly power rankings, also stumbled on the road against the New York Jets, as the unpredictable nature of the NFL kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about the Detroit Lions, who have been making waves with their blazing start to the 2023 campaign. With a resounding 20-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6, they improved to a stellar 5-1 record, firmly establishing themselves as the favorites to capture the NFC North title. As we dive into this week’s rankings, we’ll dissect the key happenings and pivotal moments from Week 6 that will have a lasting impact on the league’s landscape.

Strike 7 Elite: NFL Power Rankings 1-10

1. Chiefs: 5-1 (Previous Ranking 3rd)

In a season marked by surprising upsets and unforeseen outcomes, there’s a new sheriff in town at the top of our weekly NFL Power Rankings. Following unexpected losses by the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6, the Kansas City Chiefs have seized the throne as our new number-one ranked team. While they may not be performing at the dazzling level we’ve grown accustomed to, the Chiefs are doing what matters most in the NFL – stacking up the wins. Their latest triumph came against the Denver Broncos, marking an astounding 16th consecutive victory over their divisional rival. Despite facing challenges, the Chiefs’ ability to maintain their winning ways is a testament to their resilience and determination. As we delve into this week’s rankings, we’ll explore how the Chiefs’ reign at the top reflects the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL.

2. Dolphins: 5-1 (Previous Ranking 4th)

The Miami Dolphins’ remarkable ascent in our power rankings shows no signs of slowing down, and their latest victory serves as undeniable proof of their resilience. In a game that began with a daunting 14-0 deficit against the Carolina Panthers, the Dolphins displayed their mettle by staging a remarkable comeback, scoring an astonishing 35 unanswered points and ultimately securing a convincing 42-21 win. The resurgence of MVP candidate Tua Tagovailoa played a pivotal role in this triumph, as he continued to strengthen his case for the coveted MVP title with yet another stellar performance. Tagovailoa’s precision and poise were on full display as he completed 21 of 31 passes for an impressive 262 yards and contributed three touchdowns to the team’s dominating victory on Sunday. The Dolphins’ climb in the rankings and Tagovailoa’s MVP pursuit are undoubtedly captivating storylines in the ever-evolving narrative of the NFL season.

3. 49ers: 5-1 (Previous Ranking 1st)

The legendary 1972 Miami Dolphins found cause for celebration once again as it became evident that the pursuit of an undefeated season in 2023 had ended. The San Francisco 49ers, who were considered among the frontrunners, suffered an unexpected setback on the road against the Cleveland Browns, succumbing to a narrow 19-17 defeat. The Browns’ ability to secure victory without their starting quarterback made this loss particularly noteworthy. Instead, their formidable defense rose to the occasion, stifling the potent 49ers offense. On a more positive note for San Francisco, they can breathe a sigh of relief as the injuries sustained by star players Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel, though concerning, are not deemed serious. Both players were unable to finish Sunday’s game against the Browns. As the Niners continue their Midwest journey in Week 7, they will face the Minnesota Vikings in a highly anticipated Monday Night Football matchup.

4. Eagles: 5-1 (Previous Ranking 2nd)

Later in the day, the Philadelphia Eagles would find themselves in the company of the San Francisco 49ers, both experiencing their first defeats of the season. The Eagles encountered an unexpected stumbling block when they faced the New York Jets, and the outcome was not in their favor. Quarterback Jalen Hurts, known for his stellar performances, had a day to forget, as he threw a career-high three interceptions in Sunday’s 20-14 loss. With this setback, the Eagles find themselves in the unenviable position of regrouping swiftly. Their next challenge looms large in Week 7 as they prepare to host the red-hot Miami Dolphins, who are on a remarkable streak. This upcoming matchup is sparking excitement, as it could potentially serve as a preview of Super Bowl LVIII.

5. Lions: 5-1 

Amidst the struggles plaguing the rest of the NFC North, the Detroit Lions find themselves in an enviable position to clinch the division. In a pivotal Week 6 clash against the formidable Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Lions fortified their claim by securing their fifth win of the year with a resounding 20-6 win over the defending NFC South champions. This triumph underscores the Lions’ resilience and determination and positions them as frontrunners in their quest for the division title. The NFC North race is heating up, and the Lions’ impressive campaign is capturing the attention of NFL enthusiasts far and wide.

6. Cowboys: 4-2 

The Dallas Cowboys rebounded with a strong performance, notching a crucial road victory against the Los Angeles Chargers with a final score of 17-10. This win came on the heels of a disheartening 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last week, making it imperative for the Cowboys to regain their winning momentum. Avoiding a second consecutive loss was crucial to dispel any notions of underachievement that might have arisen. With this pivotal victory secured, the Cowboys now set their sights on homecoming at AT&T Stadium, where they will host yet another West Coast opponent, the formidable Los Angeles Rams, in Week 8. The upcoming clash promises to be a thrilling showdown and a significant test for the Cowboys as they continue their pursuit of success in the 2023 NFL season.

7. Ravens: 4-2 (Previous Ranking 8th)

The Baltimore Ravens have adopted a different approach this season, focusing on efficient play and smart ball management rather than simply lighting up the scoreboard. This strategy proved successful in their recent overseas clash in London against the Tennessee Titans. In that matchup, the Ravens showcased their ability to stifle the Titans’ offense, allowing them to accumulate just 233 total yards. This dominant defensive performance was a key factor in Baltimore’s 24-16 victory. Looking ahead to Week 7, the Ravens face a formidable challenge as they prepare to host the 5-1 Detroit Lions. It’s a significant test that awaits them, and the Ravens will rely on their defensive prowess and smart football to continue their successful campaign in the 2023 season.

8. Jaguars: 4-2 (Previous Ranking 9th)

The Jacksonville Jaguars secured an impressive 37-20 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, sparking post-game celebrations. However, the jubilation was cut short when quarterback Trevor Lawrence sustained a knee injury during Sunday’s game. Fortunately, Lawrence displayed resilience, returning to the field and finishing the game. Head coach Doug Pederson has characterized Lawrence’s status as day-to-day, casting uncertainty over his availability for the upcoming matchup. Jacksonville faces a demanding turnaround as they prepare to take on the New Orleans Saints in a Thursday Night Football showdown

9. Bills: 4-2 (Previous Ranking 6th)

Following their disappointing 25-20 loss to the Jaguars in Week 6, the Buffalo Bills found themselves in yet another tightly contested matchup, this time facing the New York Giants, a team that has seen a significant decline in performance. Surprisingly, the game remained closely contested throughout its entirety. Buffalo managed to secure a 14-9 victory, but not without a fair share of controversy. Deep within Bills territory, the Giants were on the verge of a potential game-winning touchdown when Buffalo was seemingly bailed out by the officials, who chose not to throw a flag on an apparent pass interference call. While the Bills ultimately survived the game, concerns loom for team fans, given the sluggish performances against what would be considered inferior competition.

10. Seahawks: 3-2 (Previous Ranking 7th)

The Seattle Seahawks, who had a 3-1 record, had a chance to close in on the division lead when the San Francisco 49ers faltered against the Browns. However, the Seahawks faced their own setback, falling short in a 17-13 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals. Their upcoming game brings a divisional challenge as they head-to-head with the Arizona Cardinals. While the Seahawks may appear stronger on paper, the Cardinals have proven formidable opponents. Arizona has shown resilience in numerous games this season, making them a team that the Seahawks cannot underestimate.

Second Tier: Power Rankings 11-20

11. Steelers: 3-2

12. Browns: 3-2

13. Rams: 3-3

14. Commanders: 3-3

15. Buccaneers: 3-2

16. Bengals: 3-3

17. Texans: 3-3

18. Colts: 3-3

19. Falcons: 3-3

20. Jets: 3-3

Bottom Tier: Power Rankings 21-32

21. Raiders: 3-3

22. Saints: 3-3

23. Packers: 2-3

24. Chargers: 2-3

25. Titans: 2-4

26. Vikings: 2-4

27. Giants: 1-5

28. Cardinals: 1-5

29. Patriots: 1-5

30. Bears: 1-5

31. Broncos: 1-5

32. Panthers: 0-6








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