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Why Strike7Sports Is Your Place For Fantasy Football News

Football's a game of inches, and fantasy football is a game of decimals. Each week often comes down to one or two players, and every owner knows the pain of coming up a point or two short when you had the winning points on your bench. What's worse is when you came up short because you didn't look at the injury report when a quick glance could have told you to start one of your other options.

Strike 7 Sports for NFL Fantasy Football News

In the information age, having the correct information is often what separates winners and losers, and that's where Strike7Sports comes in. Because of our experience in the sports media world, we know what sources we can trust and who's just guessing. We sort through the mess of available information to give you our best recommendations on who to start, who should sit, who's got a surprisingly good matchup and who might be looking at an unexpectedly poor day.

Plus, being in the sports media world means we understand the concept of show, not tell. Anyone can tell you that a player's facing a good pass defense, and it might be wise to look elsewhere.

We understand that fantasy football players are looking for why they should make certain decisions with their rosters, and we make sure to explain why we make the recommendations we do. If we think someone's knee looked a bit gimpy, or we've heard that a running back is going to split carries against a top-level defense, we'll tell you exactly why that's the case. 

When you come to Strike7Sports for your fantasy football news, you can trust that you're getting top-level analysis from writers who have seen it all before.

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