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Texas Longhorns 2023 Season Prospects: Can They Go Undefeated?

Video Transcript

Today’s vlog will discuss the Texas Longhorns’ 2023 prospects and their possibility of achieving an undefeated season. As the team enters the Big 12, head coach Steve Sarkisian faces a critical year in his third season with the program. The schedule and team dynamics appear favorable, setting the stage for a potentially undefeated regular season and a spot in the playoffs. However, one significant challenge is ahead: a game against the formidable Alabama Crimson Tide on September 9th. Let’s analyze the schedule and assess the Longhorns’ chances.

The Alabama Challenge

Last season, the Longhorns had a close game against Alabama, showcasing their ability to compete against top teams. Although Alabama ultimately secured the victory, Texas demonstrated its potential, especially with its quarterback, Quinn Ewers. Ewers displayed his talent against a formidable defense, proving he could excel against big-name opponents. However, when Ewers suffered an injury, the offense’s rhythm faltered. Despite that, if the Longhorns lose to Alabama this season, they still have an opportunity to rebound and secure wins against upcoming opponents.

The Favorable Schedule

Apart from the Alabama game, the Longhorns’ schedule appears relatively easy. Baylor, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and the Red River Shootout in Dallas against Oklahoma are all potential victories. Although an emerging contender in the Big 12, Houston is not yet on par with Texas. The opponents are BYU, Kansas State, TCU, Iowa State, and Texas Tech. Except for Kansas State, Texas has a strong chance of winning these games. Kansas State may provide a close match, given their victory over Texas last year. However, the schedule seems favorable for an undefeated or one-loss season overall.

Qualifying for the Playoffs

Even if Texas suffers a loss, their brand and popularity throughout the country could still propel them into the playoffs. They should secure a spot in the playoffs if they perform well in the Big 12 Championship game. The team’s goal should be to avoid mistakes and ensure victory in crucial games. The possibility of a two-loss team making the playoffs remains uncertain, but Texas has a solid chance of reaching this postseason milestone.

Expectations for Coach Sarkisian

Coach Sarkisian needs a successful season to solidify his position beyond 2023. The Longhorns have excelled in acquiring talent through the transfer portal, including notable additions like wide receiver AD Mitchell and cornerback Gavin Holmes. With Ewers leading the team, he could significantly increase his chances of winning this year’s Heisman Trophy Award. There should be no excuses for Texas to be anything less than a one-loss team or possibly undefeated. The Longhorns have shown they can beat Alabama, especially if Alabama’s roster is not as strong as in previous seasons.


Based on the optics of the schedule and the talent at hand, the Texas Longhorns have a promising chance of going undefeated in the 2023 season. With victories over key opponents and a strong performance against Alabama, Texas can secure a spot in the playoffs. However, they must remain focused, avoid unexpected upsets, and deliver in critical games. Coach Sarkisian’s tenure depends on a successful season, and with the talent he has amassed, the Longhorns have the potential to make a significant impact in the college football landscape. Let’s watch as the season unfolds and see if the Longhorns can live up to these expectations.

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