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Strike 7 Sports for College Football News

At Strike 7 Sports, we bring you the latest college football news and the hottest College Football Picks. From whose lined up to be the next national champion, the what's up with the head football coach of your favorite team, get a full analysis of the college football season right here at Strike 7. Strike 7 is the web's best source for reporting on the NFC, the AFC, the Saints, the Memphis Tigers, the Titans, and all the rising stars of this college sports season in the mid-south and Gulf Coast.

When you need the best predictions for fantasy football league dominance, check out our weekly blogs covering the latest news and analysis of this season's players. Strike 7 also covers the NBA, boxing, and Major League Baseball. We don't just bring you the best sports news online, either. Check out the Sports and Lifestyle section for the latest DIY guides, product reviews, and much more. 

Why Strike 7?

Our football fanatics live and breathe pigskin and work to bring you every detail in real time. When you need to know about news from the National Football League, sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates, as well as a free 15-page PDF giving you the details on the 10 greatest NFL QBs in history. You can also check out our Strike 7 sports podcast.

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