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Which job opening is the better situation, LSU or USC?


Every year in college football, multiple coaches get fired. Sometimes the jobs that open up are good, and, in some cases, they are great jobs. This season two of the best jobs in college football have openings in LSU and USC. These programs are struggling right now, but they could be the best two teams in the sport when they are playing their best football. The big question many people in the college football world are asking is which job is better.

LSU plays in the SEC (the best conference in college football), playing in the more rigid division in the SEC West. They are arguably the second best job in the SEC because Georgia could make a strong case that they are.

The LSU Tigers attract a lot of talent to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is one reason they have won three national titles in the past 21 years. In most games, you will have the most talented team on the field. The boosters at LSU will give the coach all the resources to be successful.

The problem with the LSU job is that you play in the toughest conference in college football and the fan base’s expectations. There are no easy games in the SEC. Also, the fan base and the athletic department can turn on you very quickly. LSU’s last two coaches both won national titles and were both fired. Finally, beating Alabama, especially in the Nick Saban era, has been an extremely tough challenge.

Paul Finebaum, also known as the mouth of the south, gave an interesting explanation on why he thinks LSU is a better job.

“Keyshawn, I’m glad you asked me that question, and it’s a legitimate question, and my answer is very simple, LSU, Why? Because I think LSU is a standalone state. There is no competition. You cannot live entirely off Louisiana products, but you can live well off products just from that one state. Ed Orgeron has lost a lot of those players. I know the greatness of USC, and I think it can be great again, but the last three LSU Football coaches have won national championships. When you have a program when Les Miles and Ed Orgeron can win national championships at your program, anybody can because I don’t think either one of them is great football coaches,” explained Finebaum.

USC is one of the best jobs in college football for several reasons. They are the premier program in the Pac-12 conference. The Trojans do not play a tough schedule as LSU does. If you can control the state of California in terms of recruiting, you have a great chance of winning at a high level. They will also give the coach a lot of time to build the program.

The only problem with the USC job is that they want to relive their glory days, which is easier said than done. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer to which job is better. However, if you had to choose between what matters more, job security or winning. Then you can decide which job opening is better.

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