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Will Adam Gase ever get a hold of the New York Jets?

Will Adam Gase ever get a hold of the New York Jets?

It is no secret that Jets safety Jamal Adams is not happy with his current football team. He has repeatedly expressed that he wants to be traded to another team. At the moment, the Jets have not caved to the All-Pro safety’s demand of being moved to another ball club. Recently, Adams criticized the franchise out in public once again. This time around, he pointed his criticism towards his head coach Adam Gase.

“I don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the Promised Land,” Adams told the New York Daily News in an interview that was published Friday. “As a leader, what really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building.”

“At the end of the day, [Gase] doesn’t address the team,” Adams told the newspaper. “If there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team. If we’re playing s—-y and we’re losing, he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime. He’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it.”

These comments directed at Gase shows that he has no organizational control over the New York Jets when it comes to football operations. Two things can come out of this situation going forward. The Jets can finally grant Adams his request to be traded from the team, or Gase can get on the phone with Adams and explain to him that he is committed to building a championship culture within the Jets organization.

The Adam Gase hiring was a questionable decision by the Jets from the start. He did not accomplish anything with the Miami Dolphins to show that he was worthy of being hired by another team in such a short timeframe. But when you are a part of the Peyton Manning Connection, you have a chance to skip the line when it comes to being hired as a head coach.

Jamal Adams is the franchises best player regardless of what side of the football he plays on. He is at least a top ten player in the National Football League right now. Strangely, a player of his caliber is demanding a trade from the team that he was initially selected by in the draft. Adams has only been in the league for about three seasons and is already disgusted with the current climate of the franchise.

Even if the Jets do decide to part ways with the former LSU Tiger, he must show that he is in control of the New York Jets football team. Based on his body language, it seems as if Gase does not listen to any type of input that his players have to offer. That input could allow the team to be more competitive on the football field. Head coaches receiving player input is critical for the team’s long term success as a franchise.

That mentality will have to change if they decide to move on from Jamal Adams or include him as a part of the plans going forward. Will Adam Gase get a hold of the New York Jets? That’s a question that must be answered by the start of training camp. Because if it doesn’t, Gase will be looking for another job, and the Jets can revert to reboot mode once again. It’s only a matter of time before Adams finds himself playing with a Super Bowl contender. This could be a breaking point to where the Jets finally grant him his request.

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