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It can be difficult to keep up with multiple teams and the day-to-day changes across the National Football League considering the hundreds of games played in a regular season. With the right insight and comprehensive coverage, you can stay on top of your favorite teams’ season prospects, trades, and any other developments that could impact their game.


Count on Strike 7 Sports for Your NFL News

We are an independent sports outlet that covers the NFL and college football as well as the NBA, Fantasy Football, and other beats. In addition, our sports and lifestyle section covers an array of topics on the perimeter of the sports world ranging from streaming services to memorabilia and the fan experience.

Stay up to date on the latest NFL news—the biggest games, players, stats, scores, playoff predictions, and more—right here at Strike 7 Sports. We also provide coverage for the Gulf Coast and mid-South region, primarily on the Memphis Tigers and New Orleans Saints. Stop by our licensed memorabilia shop to support Strike 7 Sports and our continued coverage.

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